Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 31, 2009

Good Morning... I've been up and out to Basketball with Connor for his Team Picture and back this morning. Need another cup of coffee SOON! It's very cold in my house because I ran out of oil on Thursday and the oil guy forgot (well had a bad day on 1/30) so he didn't bring me any oil and it's 9:30 now and no oil yet. I was stubborn and wouldn't go to Walmart to buy a 5 gallon gas can on Thursday but when he didn't show lastnight I called a friend and her hubby came with 2 cans for us to get diesel at the local store. Well, it was too late, my heating system is now froze in the basement for the 1st floor of my house and so there is no heat downstairs only upstairs and we do now have hot water, hopefully the oil guy will show up so I don't have to spend another $30 that the plumber will have to have for bringing his propane heater up here to try thawing out the pipes in my basement! I guess you pay for your own stupidity one way or another. Trying to make ends meet is really tough and I'm not sure how much longer I can do this. Well, honestly I've been doing this most of my adult life so I'm sure it will continue but one would hope that someday I would get a little smarter and better at my timing. This one could end up costing me more than I'm even capable of recovering! We'll just keep plugging along though.

Yesterday Connor went to his second snowboard lesson with his school. The first time was a really bad experience for him and he didn't want to go ever again. The next Friday temps were subzero, double-digits so the program was canceled and he was pleased. Last week he fought me about going and with Doug just coming home from the hospital I decided to just keep him home. Then came yesterday... Connor again didn't want to go. It appears he's been told that he is the only reason they haven't been going on a chairlift because he doesn't know how to snowboard (??? they're all in a beginner group? None of them have been on a board before so I told Connor it's not a big deal) I called the school and spoke with Mr. Weaver and he got Connor to agree to trying it again. My mom picked him up after school and he had a GREAT time! Got to go on the chairlift too. He did fall though and ended up hurting his neck but it seems to be muscular so it will heal and there is only one more lesson to go! Then he wanted to know if Spencer or Travis might take him boarding! Yeah for progress and patience...

Well, I'm getting chilly and think I'll take a HOT shower and write more later. Have a wonderful day everyone!


Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009

My favorite place in the world for reflecting on life! It's beautiful. If you've never been but get a chance to visit Maine it is worth the trip! This is Cape Neddick, The Nubble Lighthouse in York Maine. Doug & I renewed our vows here in October 2004. Our Anniversary is January 1 so from this picture I'm sure you can understand why we waited till October and didn't do it in our actual 10th anniversary! This year we celebrated 15 years, WOW! It's hard to imagine and surely doesn't seem that long. (Then again sometimes it feels like an eternity)

So once again it is -3 degrees below zero at 6:45am! I'm ready for SUMMER! Well, I've got to get Connor up and going for school so since I now know I can "edit" my posts I'll add more from the day tonight. Connor has a game though but hopefully I'll have enough energy left to visit here too.

Have a most wonderful day & TGIF!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 29, 2007

Good Morning!! I know with all the snow we have and the work we have to clear it out how could it be so good... 1-kids will be back in school today :) (my son didn't have a snow day though & I was working) 2-it is WHITE again and so beautiful 3-it's the end of January so we are one more month closer to SUMMER! YES! ;)

Sorry I didn't do my evening update last night but I had to see my favorite show "LOST". Doug & I watched it together and it was fun and relaxing. We have fun discussing the whys and what's (???) of the show trying to figure out why they keep going back a few years or ahead a few years and keeping up with it. I think we like it because we have to think so hard that it actually takes the confusion out of our own day! LOL! What fun!

Yesterday I got up thinking we'd have at least a few inches of snow but NOTHING! So, I thought oh, those weathermen are just guessing and this will miss us too. Thank God! Ha! the joke was on me! I got to work, everyone backed into their spaces picked up their wipers (as sure sign of things to come) so I followed suite. Then the snow began, lightly at first but by 4pm it was hard to see across the street from where I work! The buildings were just a blur in the blowing fast falling snow! "Can you say BLIZZARD"? I left around 5pm (yeah, a normal time!) and to my amazement there was almost 2 feet of snow on my truck! Being short & only having one of those scrappers with a brush about 3ft long I quickly noticed how SHORT 5 ft 2 inches really is...

I picked Connor up at Basketball practice tonight and watched him play a little. He and the team are really improving this year! At the beginning of the season it was looking like the Bad News Bears. They have not won a game yet but these little boys are working HARD! Connor is learning the ropes and having fun at it too. Of course he is also learning that sometimes he gets tripped or pushed and I taught him that's not nice so he thinks other boys are cheating. Now I have to teach him when it is appropriate and how to play hard and don't take that. Push back if you need to but don't get fouled! Pictures are on Saturday so when those get back I'll put my little player online for all of you.

In cleaning up my mailbox I found the wedding announcement my new daughter-in-laws mom sent into papers in southern NH and I sent in to northern NH. Because I'm so proud of them I'm posting it right here too! My new daughter in law is Lauren. She is beautiful, smart and I love her to pieces! She married my son Jason. In September 2009 we will have another wedding in our family too ~ yes, love is in the air! Spencer will marry his girlfriend of 10 years, his childhood sweetheart, Nicole. Another wonderful person to add to our family who has already "earned her place" as a daughter. (Those quoted words are hers and that's another story too) So, enjoy!

Right now it's time to get Connor up and at em' for school and to go to his friend Sarah's after school. Then I'll pick him up before scouts at 7pm for tonight. Have fun in the snow everyone!

Lauren Oberholtzer and Jason Kelley

Lauren Oberholtzer and Jason Kelley were married on July 12, 2008, exchanging vows in the afternoon at grandparents home of Joan and John Hart in North Woodstock, NH. The bride was escorted by her mother and father, Joyce and Raymond Oberholtzer of Nashua. The groom is the son of Stephen Kelley of Nashua and Michelle Duncan of Woodstock, NH.

Maid of honor was Cassie Bonor, Bridesmaids were sisters, Krista and Kellie Oberholtzer, Junior Bridesmaid was Jason’s daughter, Catrenia Kelley. The best man was friend, Jason DeSellier, Groomsmen were brothers, Spencer and Travis Kelley.

The bride is a 2000 graduate of Nashua High and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Plymouth State University in 2004. She currently works at Indian Head Resort in Lincoln. The groom is a 2000 graduate of LinWood High School in Lincoln and currently works for the NH DOT.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 27, 2009

This is Doug & Connor several years ago but I love these pictures I found! I'll have to add the picture of what they were looking at toward the end. This is the first time Connor got to fish for Sunnies (great little fish to catch for little guys ~ not to eat but catch & release) in Pennsylvania at a campground near my Dad's house. We had such a fun time that summer when we visited for a Queen Family Reunion!

Well, now to begin for today. Ummm! TONIGHT ;) looks like I'm an evening blogger doesn't it? It is a little warmer tonight... 2 degrees ABOVE zero! LOL! If I didn't laugh I'd cry. Speaking of that today Tim got his PC back from the guy in Lincoln that fix's your mistakes ;) Well, he has been going nuts all day trying to connect to the internet and couldn't. He called me at work left a message. I sent a text telling him too many calls in Q so I couldn't call him back. Then after work (which I didn't leave until 5:30 p.m.) I had to drive to Lisbon, NH to watch my son play basketball (of which he didn't remember his uniform or mouthguard so he didn't get to play.. that's another story). When I got home sometime around 7:30 p.m. I had to help Tim. Well, I couldn't figure it out so I called my wonderful roadrunner tech support guy & spoke with Zach (Awesome young man) and had him just ROFL when I was talking to him! He was of course from another country I think but very pleasant. We discussed the sorts of people and issues we handle in our day to day telephone jobs. I told him I had two children that were competing for my attention right now... 1 is 10 years old & the other is 50 years old! I would have loved to been on "video" phone to see him fall out of his chair! I apologized for coughing and sounding terrible, in the nicest voice he says, "umm, yes that is a bad cough. I hope you are feeling better today." I said well, this has been going on since Thanksgiving (thinking he may not know what that is I quickly said end of November) to which he replied "Are you allergic to anything, that happen to my girlfriend" I said well, yes I am but today I'm just allergic to LIFE! ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING HE WENT AGAIN! I'm thinking " I could really like this guy" ! Oh My Gosh! I was happy I could make someone laugh today and told him so. He was very thankful! I think I didn't trail to much from my original train of thought but that was funny and I had to share :)

I also had my quarterly performance dialog today and that went well. I even made the boss laugh because I took in my signed copy after our discussion and said thanks for letting me think I'll be around for another 3 months or so! I think our discussion was a little loud today but we really hit on some passionate topics about the different things I do, my team does and his interpretation too. I think it was good, I'm staying at least another day or two so it must have been ok!

Not much else took place, oh! I forgot to tell you! Lastnight I was on my way home. Now I got stopped in the fall for speeding and paid a lovely fine... since that time I got a new truck (new to me) and it has cruise control. I had it set lastnight and I'm coming down this hill in Campton and can see the tail lights in the median. Well, I'm thinking awww! good I'm glad I have cruise tonight, well... then his break lights came on and he moved up a little. I have a car in front of me so I'm thinking it's not me thank goodness and I continue by. If he didn't pull right out behind me whip on his blue's ~ I'm telling you! I looked in my mirror and sure enough it was me he wanted. I pulled over wondering WTH??? Good evening maam, Liscense & Reg please. You do know why I pulled you over right? Well, no sir my cruise was set so I know I wasn't speeding... You have a headlight out!! Lights & nails I always have a light out or a leaking tire! My back tire is leaking so I thought the lights would be OK! I hope this isn't the beginning of something...

Well, I'm being called again by that snuggly bed so I've got to go now. I'll put that picture on also of the cute little froggy Doug was showing Connor too!

Monday, January 26, 2009

January 26, 2009

Hello! These two guys? Well, they are my two favorite people in the whole wide world, Connor my youngest (who's 10 yrs now) and my father Carl Queen (I won't tell how old you are Dad)!
Today was good... I still have the asthma problems I've had since Thankgiving but I see the doc again tomorrow. Not sure where that will go.
Yesterday Travis & his friend Chris Delosa stopped by and shoveled the driveway for me. Got some cleaning done around the house, the biggest dust bunnies at least and moved my pc's around. Still need a really long ethernet cord or break down & by a wireless adapter. Awww, just can't win for spending more money on everything!
I made an AWESOME navy bean soup that we had for dinner tonight with some johnny cake (that Doug made) YUM! Haven't had a good navy bean soup since being a kid in Ohio!! Didn't think I could do it but thanks to the internet and Paula Deen I was able to come up with a dish that I am proud of ;)

So, not sure if my friend Anne has seen this yet, well I'd say not because there's no comment! I'll have to let my friend Mel know too. My two blogger friends LOL! I think they'll faint when they do visit this site.
Well, that's it for now. I'll add another picture for your entertainment and see what develops here.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25, 2008

This mottly crew? Well, Connor (10yrs), my oldest Jason & Wife Lauren and last but not least Travis. What happened you ask to TK? WELL, life is never dull with my boys around! He had a run in with the short end of a swimming pool! (You should see the other guy!! ;)

Well, I've done this once today but lets' see how this works out. I'm home and woke up to a BALMY -7 degrees below zero at 9:30 a.m. this morning. I'm not really sure what I'm doing here but I'm still trying and it is now 11:15 a.m. This is a place for me to build relationships with current friends and create new ones around the world I hope. I'm a little baffled by all this at the moment but I'll hang in there.

Connor wants to go to a Friend's house. I'm playing on this when I should be doing some picking up and organizing and Doug was doing a little picking on the bass guitar but didn't last long with that. Timothy is in his room with no computer very, very frustrated. Not sure why his is not working but when it's back he'll be a Happy camper too!

Well, enough daily rambling for today! I just want to know if this worked or if I'm back at square one again :)